Among Thorns

Esther Cameron

The rose is a concentric shape, It has many petals, arranged Around a central point, through which The sap of life is conveyed to the petals Each of which is as if complete In itself...

תקציר יצירה

Poem written after the September 2019, in which the poet is led by a series of "signs" to contemplate the rose as a symbol of wholeness. The implications of this symbol with respect to culture, society and politics (especially Israeli politics) are worked out. The poem draws on Kabbala, the teachings of HaRav Kook, and the poetry of Dante, Shakespeare, and Celan.

על המחבר/ת

Esther Cameron is a poet, writer, editor and translator living in Maale Adumim. Her Collected Works (6 volumes) can be found on Amazon. She edits The Deronda Review ( and a Hebrew blog,

שירה עמ'
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Among Thorns Esther Cameron
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