In a Neglected Garden

Esther Cameron

"Strange," he mused. "When I told man he would have to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow, I meant it as a curse, but when man is replaced by his machines, the chance to earn his bread becomes a blessing hard to come by."

תקציר יצירה

A conversation between the Creator and His Wisdom (aka the exiled Shekhinah). He grumbles about the condition of humankind in an age of runaway technology. She urges Him to intervene and suggests a "novel" way of doing so...

על המחבר/ת

Esther Cameron is a poet, writer, editor and translator living in Maale Adumim. Her Collected Works (6 volumes) can be found on Amazon. She edits The Deronda Review ( and a Hebrew blog,

קצר עמ'
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In a Neglected G... Esther Cameron
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