Muhsine Arda

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Life never comes back

תקציר יצירה

Crying from sorrow

על המחבר/ת

Muhsine Arda was born in Turkey in 1952. Between 1980 and 1997 she lived in Great Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the United States and traveled extensively around the world. Her first poetry book, Erkek Gibi Kadın, was published in 1992. For her short stories, Yanlış Dokunmalar, she was honored with the Ömer Seyfettin Award in 1997. Arda has served as editor and essay writer for the literary periodical Dikili Ekin since 1999. Her essays are collected in the book Dicem Tebüle, in January 2018. Her other poetry books are Marmara’dan Yükselen Dalgalar (2000), Aşkın En Güzel Yanı (2001), Bakire Sevinci (2017) and Serçe Yürek (2018). Her novel, İntihar Gözyaşları, was published in 2015. It has been translated into Swedish and Spanish. After leaving her teaching position at New York University in 1997, Arda moved back to her hometown Bursa, Turkey, where she is currently living

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