About Us


Pool-a-Book, the first social site for writers and readers, offers an online platform for artists and creators in all areas of writing: prose, poetry, study, philosophy, biographies, suspense, humor, children, comics.

Pool-a-Book is intended for those who love writing and reading, and allows everyone to publish written works and promote them. The site allows for direct interaction between the creators and the readers, who are invited to upload comments and comments exactly on the relevant page, to contact the writer, to share the works with others and more.

Uploading the works to the site is easy and simple, after a short registration. You can upload works in PDF format only !, as well as scans of past works that you would like to publish to new audiences.

The site allows uploading works even before a financial investment is required, and thus examines them in front of different audiences before making a decision about printing them.

Pool-a-Book is an original initiative of Haggai Piszem, and it is open to everyone, free of charge and while preserving copyright.

Site etiquette

The Pool-a-Book website advocates free and respectful communication, without editing or censorship. The site is social and collaborative, and invites its members to comment on the works, to rate them, to share them and to contact the artists.

The members of the Pool-a-Book community, both creators and readers, are asked to maintain respectful language and style. In cases of use of offensive and inappropriate language, the site management reserves the right to delete comments and block participants.

Reading the works will be done on the site only and through any means that allows it: computer, smart phone, tablet etc. You may not copy, reproduce, photocopy, publish or otherwise use the works in any manner that infringes the copyrights of authors and members of the community.

Nothing creates the site

My name is Hagai Pizem, graduate of film and television studies and MA in political communication from Tel Aviv University. I have worked for over 30 years on Israeli television and is now initiating social websites. In addition, he contributes my time and volunteers to social and community activities.

The idea of ​​the Pool-a-Book project was born following a meeting with Yair Dar, the inventor of the revolutionary Epilady hair removal device, which has sold more than 30 million units worldwide. When I helped him publish his book independently, the idea was born for the Pool-a-Book project, which combines Yair's entrepreneurial spirit with my social vision .

My aspiration is to bring new spirit to the field of publishing and to offer the creators a cooperative, democratic, accessible and open platform for all.

I would be happy to receive comments, comments and ideas from any one of you, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 052-6934789.


Hagai Pizem