A prize-winning competition for writing poetry

sponsored by Norman Bar January 2020


Writers  will publish works on www.poolabook.com  As of 4/1/2020.
The song that gets the most views / likes (minimum 500) by 10/3/2020 will win the author a  500 NIS cash prize.
To increase the visibility of the song, you can use the sharing system Through the site (Facebook, mail, Twitter) and Through the WhatsApp and SMS messages

Important points for the song publishing process:

PDF file (font 20), if there is a cover image for a song, please edit it as a first page in the file before the song and upload one file (which includes the first page cover image followed by the song).
In the tag list, Norman Bar must be noted - Terms of Participation must be noted

Any questions can be contacted by contacting the site

The competition is contingent on the participation of 50 writers.