Rules for using POOLaBOOK

For the sake of convenience, the code of conduct applies in the masculine language, but all that is said therein refers to women and men alike.

1. The site is intended to upload original works, read the work, write reviews and comments, and share through the site.

2. By signing these articles, the creator of the work undertakes that the rights to the content of the work belong only to him / her.

3. Use of the Site and its services and services, including uploading, reading, subscribing to services, will be deemed to be agreement by the surfer.

4. The management of the site may update the terms of the articles from time to time.

5. Site management may block or stop access to the surfer or the subscriber if he violates the terms of the regulations.

6. Any user who uploads a work and / or a reader and / or writes a response or an audit (hereinafter: the user) must register his / her personal details on the site including name, e-mail address, telephone number, Registration).

   6.1 Registration gives the user a password for his personal use only.

   6.2 Submission of false and / or misleading information in the framework of the registration will cause the user to postpone and / or cancel the use of the site.

   6.3 The user may send, by e-mail or other messages, links to the recommendation of reading the site.

   6.4 Registration automatically authorizes POOLABOOK or a company that has received permission from it to send an advertisement to the email address or phone number as provided at the time of registration.

   6.5 Any user may contact the site's management to stop receiving the advertisement and this request will be accepted immediately. Except as provided in section 6.6 below.

   6.6 This policy allows POOLABOOK to incorporate a promotional item into the work from time to time and the user confirms that it has no claim to receive this advertising message.

7. The contents of the works on the Site may not be used for commercial use, including copying, selling, advertising, or otherwise, without the express written consent of the owners of the rights.

8. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information that will be published or transmitted by the site. The site management does not accept any responsibility for the content published or transmitted among the users.

9. Do not publish or upload any work or information that is false, offensive, offensive to the privacy of others, or harms the security of the State.

   9.1 The user is responsible for any damage or damage caused by the literary work that he has uploaded to the site.

10. The user declares that he is aware that the management of the site does not have the ability or possibility to check, sift or filter the subscribers who subscribe to the site or the works uploaded to the site and is not responsible for their content. Responsibility for this is solely for users and / or the work itself.

11. Site management has the right to make use of the information stored on the site, such as reading habits, preferences and more.

12. Site management may remove works from the site for any reason without explanation. Therefore, there is nothing above a work that has been denied the right to sue the management of the site for infringement of freedom of expression and / or any other right under any other relevant law.

13. Site management intends that the site and its services be available at all times. However, the service on the site is as IS IS and can not commit to continuous availability without problems and without crashes. In addition, the site's management may stop using the site for maintenance purposes.

   13.1 No monetary compensation will be given due to malfunctions or breaks in service.

14. All rights to works uploaded on the site are the sole ownership of the writer and / or upload the work to the site. Therefore, the site's management can not claim copyright infringement by a third party, including by a user.

15. Reading a book on the site as well as uploading a book to the site or other use of the site's options constitutes acceptance of the above conditions.